Bryan Richter

Work Experience
(Updated 07 Jul 2018 in Brooklyn, New York. See website for latest.)

Assistant Research Scientist January 2018–present New York University New York, New York lets researchers securely share video data, improving reproducibility and reuse while respecting their subjects' rights. —
Lead Developer February 2015–present Planet Earth presents a novel solution to the funding dilemma facing Free/Open software and other public works. —
Haskell Engineer December 2016–June 2017 Formaltech, Inc. Portland, Oregon
Software Engineer December 2013–October 2014 Barobo, Inc Davis, California
March 2010–November 2013 Travel Sabbatical USA and Europe
Sr. Software Engineer November 2007–March 2010 Thomson Reuters (formerly Starmine—acquired 2008) San Francisco
Lead Web Developer and System Administrator June 2005–May 2007 iRadeon Sacramento, California


Computational Physics, B.S. June 2005 University of California at Davis Davis, California


February–April 2013 and October–December 2014 SOIC—The Swedish Ship Götheborg Gothenburg, Sweden